No Good Television™ Reception Bar and Film Set
Beverly Hills, California 2004

Materials: 1/8” PETG, LED lighting, automotive paint (1977 Porche Red)
1/8” black rubber, crimson fur, plywood structural frame
Techniques: CNC Milling, Vacuum-Forming
Dimensions: 15’ diameter

The private bar is the heart of a heavy, sensual atmosphere of rich color and light. Materials, effects, and techniques come together in the bar to form an enriched core. The bar is used as a reception area for guests, a set for celebrity interviews, and as a standard bar for frequent company parties. Earlier work involving hirsute (hairy) morphology led to an interest in the construction of fuzzy edges between and within individual panels. Hazy edges are produced within a panel when light passes through acutely curved surfaces. The strikingly voluptuous bar exudes the risqué sensuality that forms the core image of NGTV™.

Project Team:
Tim Gorter, Adam Fure

Vacuum Forming:
Warner Brothers